There is an enormous unmet medical need for multiple markets globally.

  • Infants in sub-Saharan Africa, who have the highest incidence of malaria associated disease and death (23 million births annually).
  • Pre-adolescent and early adolescent girls and pregnant women in sub-Saharan Africa to prevent malaria in pregnancy which causes significant morbidity in mothers, loss of the pregnancy, and low birth weight newborns who have a higher incidence of infant mortality due to malaria and other diseases (at least 15 million new individuals annually).
  • Tourists, business people, military personnel, and government officials from North America, Europe, Japan, Australia and other developed countries where there is no malaria, who travel to parts of the world where malaria is transmitted (>50 million individuals annually).
  • Middle and upper class tourists, business people, military personnel, and government officials who live in non-malarious areas of countries where malaria is transmitted, and travel to malarious areas of their own countries (100s of millions of individuals).
  • Residents of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania who live in areas of countries where malaria is transmitted (2.1 billion individuals).

To reach many markets, including markets in Europe and Africa, Sanaria Inc. established Sanaria Inc., Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, a branch in Germany in 2013.


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