Sanaria is a biotechnology company developing vaccines protective against malaria. Sanaria’s vaccines have proven highly protective in humans.
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Malaria is responsible for more childhood mortality than any other single infectious agent. Sanaria’s vaccine development efforts are focused on African children, the population most urgently in need of protection.
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Professor Fred Binka Honored

Professor Fred Binka to receive National Honor from the President of Ghana on October 29, 2016. Professor Binka is a long-time Sanaria Scientific Advisory Board member, colleague, and friend. The entire Sanaria team sends its congratulations and thanks.


FDA Fast Track Designation

Sanaria has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Fast Track designation for its preventative vaccine for malaria, Sanaria® PfSPZ Vaccine. According to the FDA, 'Fast Track is a process designed to facilitate the development, and expedite the review of drugs to treat serious conditions and fill an unmet medical need. The purpose is to get important new drugs to the patient earlier.'

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SanariaDA Visits Sanaria

In memoriam: Donald 'DA' Henderson

Sanaria joins the international public health community in remembering Donald 'DA' Henderson after his death on August 19, 2016.

Sanaria was honored to receive a visit from DA in June 2011, where after describing his relentless dedication to the eradication of Smallpox, he offered insights, advice and encouragement to Sanaria at what was a critical time in our PfSPZ Vaccine clinical development program. His tenacity and willingness to speak out when others shied away have served as an example. As a result of this visit, DA became a member of Sanaria's scientific advisory board on which he served until his death.

DA's enthusiasm to support others, particularly young scientists and budding doctors, was evident from his patience answering questions and spending time with the most junior of our interns.

SanariaSanaria's manufacturing facility

Nature Medicine publishes Sanaria's Research Article, Protection against malaria at 1 year and immune correlates following PfSPZ vaccination

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NIH Press Release
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Dr. Stephen L. Hoffman wins 2015 Chief Executive Officer of the Year at the Tech Council of Maryland, Annual Industry Awards.

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SanariaPhoto Credit: Annie Leibovitz

Sanaria's CEO, Dr. Stephen L. Hoffman, and Exec VP of Manufacturing and Process Development, Dr. B. Kim Lee Sim, featured in an Annie Leibovitz photo shoot sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Art of Saving a Life - Vaccine Heroes.

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Huffington Post

Sanaria's CEO, Stephen L. Hoffman, briefs Rep. Chris Van Hollen (MD-008), on Sanaria's Clinical Progress and Future Plans at the U.S. Capitol.

What happens inside humans when a mosquito bites

Choumet, et al, PLOS 2012
National Geographic

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September 2016
Sanaria® PfSPZ Vaccine Against Malaria Receives FDA Fast Track Designation Press Release; FiercePharma

September 2016
Sanaria Inc. September 2016 Newsletter

June 2016
Sanaria's CEO, Dr. Stephen L. Hoffman, awarded the 2016 Weill Cornell Medicine Alumni Association Award of Distinction for his significant accomplishments as a physician, scientist and entrepreneur; Commencement Speech

May 2016
Nature Medicine publishes Sanaria's Research Article, Protection against malaria at 1 year and immune correlates following PfSPZ vaccination; Abstract; Sanaria Press Release; NIH Press Release

June 2015
Sanaria wins 2015 Montgomery County Bioscience Company of the Year at the 3rd Annual Montgomery County Small Business Awards; Learn More

June 2015
The Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea announced a $48.5M support agreement with its oil sector partners, Marathon Oil, Noble Energy Inc. and AMPCO, to sponsor the clinical development of Sanaria® PfSPZ Vaccine against malaria, including a series of clinical trials from 2015 through 2018
EG Press Release
Sanaria Press Release
Financial Times Article

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